Services We Provide:

  • Asbestos Removal
  • Asbestos Surveys and Sampling
  • Asbestos Collection and Disposal
  • Controlled Duct Cleaning
  • Ventilation Hygiene Services
  • Thermal Insulation Services

Asbestos Removal

Asbestos can be difficult to work with and often well hidden in places such as insulation or piping. Conducting professional and safe removal and decontamination is our main priority on any of our jobs, and we will ensure it is removed quickly without putting anyone involved in danger. Completing work under controlled conditions, we are fully responsible for any Health and Safety or environmental protection. In any job we do, we measure the environmental impact of our work and take steps to reduce this wherever possible to meet our environmental goals.

Asbestos Surveys

Surveying your home or removal site is always the first step in our asbestos removal process, and also plays an integral role when planning major refurbishments or demolition work. Calder Insulation can provide you with the most progressive and up-to-date methods on the market, with unbeatable experience in identifying asbestos contaminated materials.

If, after a full survey, removal is deemed necessary, we will provide you with fully comprehensive guidance and instructions for your next step towards removal and decontamination, and work with you to enable a cost-effective solution compliant with legislative controls.

Sampling and Testing

Since asbestos is such a hazardous material and difficult to remove, we also ensure thorough sampling and testing is carried out before removal. This is essential for us to know what type of asbestos we are dealing with and how best to remove it and decontaminate your building without putting anyone at risk. To test our asbestos samples, we use only the latest cutting-edge technology available, taking samples of suspected material to be analysed so that we can come up with a safe removal plan.

Asbestos Waste Disposal

The safe disposal of asbestos waste after removal is one of the most delicate and risky aspects of our work. This must always be done in accordance with health and safety as well as environmental regulations. With so many safety measures required to be in place, it is vital that all of our staff are fully trained and licensed in this area. Our company makes huge efforts to ensure this process is as smooth as possible whilst ensuring all statutory regulations are adhered to, only disposing of asbestos waste at legally licensed locations.

Controlled Duct Cleaning and Ventilation Hygiene Services

Calder Insulation also specialise in the removal of dusts, contaminants from ventilation systems and removal of grease deposits from kitchen extract systems to minimise fire risk. Systems are cleaned under controlled conditions using mechanical brushing, air jets or manual cleaning methods. All systems we survey or clean are recorded on a detailed report to ensure you comply with all current guidance and legislation. Our hygiene technicians are trained to the same high standard as our asbestos removal team. 

Thermal Insulation

From material supply to insulation, our experienced team offer a wide range of insulation solutions after your asbestos removal has been completed. From basic energy conservation to frost protection, we can provide insulation solutions to building areas, equipment, and pipework.

Our service is flexible and simple; we can provide complete overhauls or simple repairs to your current insulation. With strong links to trusted suppliers forged over years of excellent service, we are able to provide our clients with highly specified and up to date services and cost-effective solutions.